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Zeagle are introducing an innovative range of new BCDs to be available from spring 2010. The RangerJr is designed for children and has inbuilt
Since 1978, by design or chance, Peter Collings has been involved in the discovery, location and identification of many wrecks in Egyptian waters,
By: Dr. Hossam Nasef"No-one who has seen the victim of compressed air illness, gravely ill or unconscious, put back into a chamber and brought back

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Seemann Sub launch Hoseless Air Integrated dive computer

Seemann Sub took the opportunity of BOOT 2010 to launch their new hoseless air integrated dive computer at a price not previously possible. The data transfer is through a radio transmitter attach...


By: PETER COLLINGS, SS1 PLATINUM PRO 5000 Since witnessing the sinking of the Giannis D in 1983 Peter Collings has commuted between England and the Red Sea diving, locating, identifying and surveying...

A coral banquet: Nocturnal feeding

Who can say that they have ever observed stony corals getting in a sort of "hunting fever?" The role of corals as an important predator in the reef is mostly unknown. Food acquisition at night remains...

Take a Map With You

The Mares Icon HD Nitrox Dive Computer, launched late last year, allows you to download your dive site maps into the wrist unit so they are available to you during the dive. Using the unit’s int...

Why Dive the Southern Red Sea?

Sharks, Dolphins, Mantas, Jacks, Nudibranchs and Clownfish, the list goes on and on. If you are after variety then The Southern Red Sea is the place to be. Underwater nature is forever changing with t...

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